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click here in the residential segment, constructed in the new household region, District 2 Thiem New City is the venture owner's interest is a joint enterprise of a few organizations Sacomreal-Vietnam-Profitable. Rich news shows right here claims to be an unsafe perfect for inhabitants of Saigon due to comfort, top base materials. The subsequent is the Basic factor you need to know about the New City.
<br />
<br />New City is situated at An Phu Ward, Binh Khanh, District two-location borders household thiem bridge, Saigon and Thu Thiem tunnel three, parallel venture which also owns two sides wage Family and Daily life Journal Tomorrow. This perform is not only the excellent residing area with handy transport , which also owns the value of non-cease from time to time simply because Daily life Journal Tomorrow is the shaft crucial roadways and properties is linking with the Sala residential Higher education Quang Minh and The Solar Avenue.
<br />
<br />The complete area of the project organizing of New City is more than the average apartment 38ha 1,330, produced in the kind of normal apartment is from two-3PN and residences and place of work solutions. Exclusively:
<br />
<br />60 m two condominium: is composed of 2 bedrooms, two bogs, kitchen, eating area, living area, deck ...
<br />
<br />75m2: apartment is made up of two bedrooms, two toilets, kitchen, dining place, living place, deck ...
<br />
<br />eighty five m 2 apartment: consists of three bedrooms, 2 bogs, residing space, kitchen, eating place, deck ...
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />100m2: apartment is made up of 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, kitchen area, dining room, deck ...
<br />
<br />All New City apartments are constructed in accordance to superior variations, optimal design and style, open up area, to generate open problems, the whole space is welcoming sunshine wind in a normal way. Even though the loved ones you decide on the kind of condominium you are heading to have to be the ideal atmosphere for every day lifestyle, folks really feel joyful, calm, warm content c&uacute;ngv&agrave;. Owing to the superior mother nature of the factors being regarded as for the New City dwellers must also be experiencing the deluxe amenities for, entire life demands are achieved in the condominium as well as the surrounding area need to you will not fear believe search engines in which entertainment, purchasing , eating ... for your self. All fantastic items will appear to lifestyle when you select New City condominiums to family shelters.
<br />
<br />In addition, the task of New Metropolis also has exclusive construction, firm, created the impact is particularly excellent for everyone proper from the very first sight. new city quan 2 of the New City will also get rid of tan the aversion of a lot of people about the cramped condominium one sucked its ethereal texture. Not only the scale, monumental, comfort, value of New true estate assignments in the Town also are forecast to be quite proper may be suitable with several center-course people in the metropolis, assist folks settle, creating a more satisfying life.
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